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José Lencastre



Forces in Motion, the second release by José Lencastre / Hernâni Faustino / Vasco Furtado is out now!

After releasing "Vento" a year ago, we have a new album out!

Hernâni Faustino is playing electric bass on this one, it made the trio sonority go into a whole new territory of ambient and sounds The music was performed absent of an audience in an empty church and broadcasted live for a program by Osso Colectivo. Definitely worth a listen!


José Lencastre Nau Quartet + Pedro Carneiro " Thoughts are Things " is released today!

Super happy about this release on Phonogram Unit. You can listen and buy the album here. Enjoy!


Anthropic Neglect will play at Jazz em Agosto!

Very honored and happy to announce that Anthropic Neglect will play on August 7th at one of my all time favorite festivals. Hope to see you there :)


New video and album are available online!

I´m very happy about a new album that was just released. My good friend João Sousa invited me to do a duo with him and it came out pretty cool, I believe. :) 

There's also a video of one of the tracks!


Welcome to my new site!

Hey there! 

Here's my new site, please take a look around.

In this section I´ll be posting some updates about my music.

2021 brings a lot of good news: Nau Quartet with special guest Pedro Carneiro, and the trio "Vento"  have new albums coming on Phonogram Unit label.

In addition to that, " Inner Voices " - a solo album where I play several parts on Alto  and on Tenor will be available around Summer time.

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